The Foundation Course

This one-time purchase allows for you to take The Foundation Course at your own pace. Access to all content course materials and modules with this one-time purchase for up to 3 months.

The Foundation Subscription

This monthly subscription includes unlimited access to The Foundation Course, ongoing private group support for both parents and educators, as well as monthly 1 hour livestream meet ups!

Education Strategy Session

This one-time session addresses your current challenges and concerns to come up with you the best strategies to help your child best succeed and move forward. We will pull from the direct methods, tools, and resources that I have used successfully for years with students to create an action plan moving forward that you can implement immediately.

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The Foundation Course

The Toprakci Method uses a unique combination of breath work, brain-body work, gratitude, and a clay-based program to affect the neuroplasticty of the brain in students; to strengthen their mind-body connection, help them develop a growth mindset, and most importantly- trust and confidence in themselves.

This method helps students who struggle academically with everything from LEARNING DIFFERENCES, DYSLEXIA, ANXIETY, LOW SELF-CONFIDENCE, and DISTRACTION IN THE CLASSROOM.

In this course, you and your child will go from feeling overwhelmed and dealing with the "I can'ts", the "Nos," and the "I'm stupids" to creating self-confidence and positive self-talk, using specific tools that ease the learning process and help support children process new information with less anxiety and more focus.